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Snail farm

I didn’t even know this was a thing, a snail farm. Now I do and I LOVE it! The snails are so calming, they move quite slow and when they drink it sounds like its raining. In the Netherlands there

Shiitake Grower Photo serie Loes Heerink

Shiitake grower

Shiitakes are delicious and healthy, because they contain a lot of protein and vitamins. Besides eating shiitakes, they can be used to make fashion! There’s lots you probably don’t know about this mushroom. Therefore I follow shiitake grower Menno from Shiitake


I had the best weekend with my father! We went on a three day canoe trip to De Wieden. An very beautiful area in the province we live in, Overijssel. The area was created by people but nobody knew it would turn into such a beautiful area.