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City farm

My finger taps the steering wheel on the rhythm of the radio. My head is not really listening though. While cars are passing I think about the farm I am about to visit. Since I started the photo project Farmers

Shiitake Grower Photo serie Loes Heerink

Shiitake grower

Shiitakes are delicious and healthy, because they contain a lot of protein and vitamins. Besides eating shiitakes, they can be used to make fashion! There’s lots you probably don’t know about this mushroom. Therefore I follow shiitake grower Menno from Shiitake

Pumpkin grower

So many things to learn about pumpkins. So many things you didn’t even knew you want know! Do you know only female flowers from a pumpkin stem turn into pumpkins? Do you know each pumpkin contains about 500 seeds? Besides