Shops of Vietnam

How can this whole street sell bamboo? “Isn’t it easier to not start your shop next to all the competitors? Or is this so it’s easier to control the price?” I aks to no-one in particular. “And what if you want to open a shop? Do you then wait for a place to open up and sell whatever that street is selling?” Shops of Vietnam often only sell one thing. For example tires, wood, gold, stuffed animals, cooking gear.

Shops of Vietnam is a short photo story. Whenever I am on a holiday I like to go to a supermarket. Because supermarkets in other countries are pretty awesome! Well in Vietnam they do you one even better! These stores can find all around town, but most of the images are shot in Old Quarter. In Old Quarter 36 streets are located. You can read more about it here if you like.

In the series shops of Vietnam I tried to capture these little shops in all that they are.