Nature is Watching

Have you ever felt like nature is watching you? That they can see? And look over us? Especially birches fascinate me, but other trees have it too. Eyes, the knots on the trees look like eyes. As if they see you.

Wikipedia says about knots: “As a tree grows, lower branches often die, and their bases may become overgrown and enclosed by subsequent layers of trunk wood, forming a type of imperfection known as a knot.” Knots are basically imperfections!

A little insight in how establishing such a series works in my head: I was talking to a colleague once. He saw me wondering off in my head and he asked me: what are you thinking about? I said: “Look at the trees, they have eyes!” He laughed and replied: “That is such a Loes-thing to say.”. This was 1,5 year ago. I thought to myself, maybe I should make a photo series about this. But I just didn’t know how to.

I want to show people what I see, how I see the world. But I can’t just take pictures of tree knots and assume people understand what I mean with it. I see eyes. And those usually come in pairs. After playing around with the idea for so long, I decided to mirror the images. And this is how Nature is Watching was born. And even now you can see what you want to see, but I see eyes. Still.

Want to know more about this photo series? Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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