Merchants in Motion

I am cramped into a van with other tourists, arriving in this bustling city. I am not used to the heat and I am bathing in sweat. I stare out of the window, trees, yellow buildings, an uncountable amount of scooters and electricity cables are everywhere. People honk and on every corner little traffic jams appear.

The van stops and me and my backpack are pushed out. I have no clue where I am. The streets are so crowded! And everybody is honking. I panic a little. In the distance a lady slowly approaches me. She walks next to her bicycle with sooo much groceries on there. Her slow pace and burst of colours calm me down. When she gets closer I see that she is actually selling the items on her bike. I think of my mum. I sometimes had to do groceries for a family of six and I always complained to her that I had to do them on my bike. I hear 14-year old myself complain: “No person can carry so much stuff on a bike mum!” I smile because ten years later I learned that they can. And how!

As you may know Merchants in Motion appeared in book-form, but there are also some prints available. I work with specialized printing agency who deals with special editions prints. They do the printing, shipping and if you like you can also get the images framed by them. More information about my products is up on the products-page!

This image is printed not more than 100 times (excluding some kickstart-backers). Some of the prints are only printed 10 or 15 times. Each print will be signed by me, numbered and stamped with an authenticity stamp. It also comes with a guaranty. And little gloves haha, just to make sure the print is protected as much as can be,

Note: not all images are up on the RE-art website yet. Send me an e-mail if you want an image that is not up yet!

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