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Limited Edition Art

My series Merchants in Motion is available in a coffee table book and as limited edition art. You can ask for the book at your local book store, get it in a book store in Vietnam or buy it on Amazon, bookdepository or for the Dutchies at

If you have any of my products, consider leaving a review on Amazon or Google! You have no idea how much book stores care for those reviews! It would help me a lot :)!

Limited edition art

Some of my work is available as limited edition art. I work with the printing agency RE-art. They specialise in high quality art prints. All my prints come with a stamp of authenticity, a guaranty and even little gloves to handle the prints! And of course signed! Most images are not printed more than 100 times, some not more than 10 times! Because RE-art also ships the prints for me, less people handle the prints. Only them, me and you!

All the prints that are available are on my website! RE-art hasn’t uploaded all the prints yet. We are still working on that! The easiest thing to do, for you, is to buy a print at RE-art. BUT if a print you like is up on my website but not on there’s yet, please do not hesitate to contact me! You can also e-mail me with the prints you like. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The idea of capturing these street vendors from above is brilliant.

Review by S. Hardy

Print options

About the printing, I print on Chromolux or German Etching paper. Chromolux is some kind of metal and it comes with a hanging system. The prints floats on the wall. German Etching paper is tick high quality paper. These still need to be framed! Both options are high quality and will last for years and years, even generations! In this video I show the two printing options.

Of course if you have any special wishes, let me know! We can discuss the options!

Size and prices

  1. 20×30 German Etching – € 175,-
  2. 30×45 German Etching – € 195,-
  3. 45×60 German Etching – € 269,-
  4. 45×60 Chromolux – € 295,-
  5. 50×75 Chromolux – € 405,-
  6. 60×90 Chromolux – € 515

Prices excl. VAT and shipping costs. The estimated shipping costs can be found on the website from RE-art (on the right bar next to “Shipping cost estimate”).

Three 30×45 framed with a passe partout.

Other work

Sometimes people ask me about other work to print, if you would like to have something printed for your home other than the Merchants in Motion series. Just ask and we can work something out!

Nature is Watching
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