Merchants in Motion print H

Lien, an elderly vendor. She brings her good to a friends shop so she doesn't have to walk around with a heavy load all day.

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Banana Vendor <3. More info on the print and vendor below!

  • Chromolux (40×60 | 50×75 | 60×90)
  • German Etching (20×30 | 30×45 | 40×60)


Merchants in Motion print H is available in two different materials and five sizes. For the best printing quality I work together with RE-art. An agency specialised in limited edition art. To make sure the prints are in the best possible state RE-art also handles packaging and shipping.

About the material. German Etching is a high quality paper. German Etching paper still needs to be framed. Preferably with a passe partout! Chromolux is an aluminium print. The print comes with a “floating” hanging system. In this video I show the two printing options!

When you place an order. We print the image. Therefore the shipping time varies a bit. We will do our best to print, sign and ship as soon as possible!

About the series Merchants in Motion

Merchants in Motion started out with me trying to take a photo of Vietnamese street vendors with all the distractions of Hanoi. So I decided to take a higher viewpoint. In the beginning I only wanted to take a photo of a flower vendor. It however took me months before one passed my spots. In the meantime I got addicted to the series and watching street vendors go about.

About Merchants in Motion print H

I actually spoke to the woman in H. She is called Lien, an elderly lady. She goes to the night market very early in the morning and buys as much fruits or vegetables as she can carry. Then she walks to the old quarter (about 2,5 kilometer). There she drops most of her goods at a friends store. So she doesnt have to walk with such a heavy cycle. Lien circles around her friends shop so when she runs out she can walk back to the store to collect more veggies or fruits! When she runs out of products, she goes home. Often late in the evening.

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20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 50×75, 60×90


German Etching, Chromolux

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