Merchants in Motion print D

One of the first images in the series

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So fresh and so clean!

  • Chromolux(40×60 | 50×75 | 60×90)
  • German Etching (20×30 | 30×45 | 40×60)


Merchants in Motion print D. Available in five sizes and two materials. I work with a printing agency specialised in limited edition art. The quality of the prints is outstanding! To limit the amount of people handling the prints they also provide the packaging and shipping. If you like you can also have your print framed by them.

In short: German Etching is a tick high quality paper, this still needs to be framed. Chromolux is an aluminium print, this comes with a “floating” hanging system. Both options are high quality and will last for years and years, even generations! If you want more information on the option, in this video I show the two printing options!

Merchants in Motion print D is printed on demand. The shipping time varies a bit. RE-art will try their best to print within a week and ship soon after!

On another note, if you have a specific wish for a number let me know! It may still be available! 

About the series Merchants in Motion

I worked on this series from May 2015 to November 2015 and went back to Vietnam in 2017 to finish the series. One day I hope to go back to shoot some more images and even include water vendors! Wouldn’t that be awesome! The series is also published in a book.

About the print Merchants in Motion print D

This photo was taking right after a heavy rain storm, therefore the pavement has a dark edge to it. The storm was so heavy I waited on the bridge for more than an hour. Of course during that time no vendors passed. Luckily the bridge had a roof! Also I really like heavy rain so it was a joy to my eyes and ears! This photo is one of the first photos in the series and this is the photo that kept me going. I really liked the result, almost addictive!

Additional information

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20×30, 30×45, 40×60, 50×75, 60×90


German Etching, Chromolux

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