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Somethings are less unique than you think. This also goes for my Merchants in Motion series. That doesn’t make it less awesome obviously. It just means there are lots of briljant minds in this world.

What do all these series have in common? The vantage point of course! And it’s not drone work!  For me the most interesting part is why the artists chose this vantage point. I went to a higher vantage point to get rid of distractions from the crowded city.


Photographer Alejandro Cartagena shot the series Carpoolers in Mexico. The series started while working on a commission from a research instutite. “Construction workers were buying houses an hour or more away from where they worked and there is no public transportation for them, so I started documenting how people used their cars,” explained Cartagena about the project to Slate, “how they drive to work or drive home, how they personalize their cars based on the neighborhoods in which they lived, and I started looking down from buildings and bridges to see how cars looked. It’s not uncommon to see the carpoolers, but I had never seen them from that perspective.”

Funny fact: I learned about this series from someone accusing me of copying this one haha! He was very angry with me on social media.

Comfort Zone

Tadao Cern shot this amazing series. On his websites he quotes: “I was looking for a place where I could observe human beings without any distractions and beach is almost the only place where it looks like people are voluntarily putting themselves under anesthesia on a laboratory table where they can be explored like disassembled objects by the observers (us) above them.”

We came across this series while visiting Panorama Mesdag in Den Haag. There was an exhibit there. I was obviously very impressed!

Pham Thanh Long

And last, but not least, this photo series by Pham Thanh Long. I couldn’t find his website. But someone send me the link to this article. Long shot motorbikes in Hanoi from above and categorised them. For instance: Bikes on a bike, baby on board, connecting 24/7. I really like that he categorised all the photos! Makes it look very funny!

Long told Zing that this idea was inspired by the view on a pedestrian bridge located in front of his old office: “Whenever I was looking down from the bridge, I could see this particular angle of the road which is very different from other directions. All the bikes were just a few meters below my feet, gliding across the road. It is like taking portraits on a simple backdrop.”


Thanks Karen for letting me know about the series kopfüber. I absolutely love this series! Especially the colors. What an interesting twist! Photographer Dirk Brömmel shot this series. I don’t know how or why he started this series. I do know that the series has different sections, for instance cargoships, passenger ships, gondolas and Thai merchants.

Please let me know if you know any other photo series! Would love to include some more!

If you want to read more about why I shot this series from above, read this article.

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