Merchants in Motion – R

Hoa, a fruit vendor.

One of the twenty-one images available as limited editioin print from the Merchants in Motion series. This image is called R. Meet Hoa. A very kind woman. I actually met with her twice. The second time I printed this picture and the picture below. She was so happy with that last one! A lot of Vietnamese people dont own photos of themselves.
Buoi told us about her work as a vendor, she really enjoys it. Especially the freedom it gives her. Her children are already a bit older so she only goes back home once every two months to save money. Hoa told us much more! So kind to let us into her live <3

I work with specialized printing agency who deals with special editions prints. They do the printing, shipping and if you like you can also get the images framed by them.

This image is printed not more than 100 times (excluding some kickstart-backers). The print will be signed, numbered and stamped with an authenticity stamp. It also comes with a guaranty.

Note: This image is not on the website yet. Send me an e-mail if you want an image that is not up yet!

Merchants in Motion - Hoa - Watermelons


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