Merchants in Motion – L

One of the twenty-one images available as limited editioin print from the Merchants in Motion series. This image is called L. I shot this image on my last day as a citizen of Hanoi. The week before I left I went to the bridge every day. After months of work I still hadn’t spotted a silk flower vendor. Eventually we called one. Buoi. I met with her the day before I left. Project finished! I thought ;). The last day I woke up early, because I was getting so used to it! I decided to go the bridge anyways! After an hour a silk flower lady cycled past. I was so flabbergasted! More than six months I waited for one! So I finally called Buoi and then the next day a silk flower lady drives by!! Thats not this lady. Because I was so surprised to see one, I didnt take the shot. Two minutes later another silk flower lady cycled past. Didnt have the settings quite right. That happens(see below)! And then a third one cycled past!!! OMG! That’s this picture. I was very quiet after and I went straight home with a huge smile on my face. Still cant believe it!

I work with specialized printing agency who deals with special editions prints. They do the printing, shipping and if you like you can also get the images framed by them.

This image is printed not more than 100 times (excluding some kickstart-backers). The print will be signed, numbered and stamped with an authenticity stamp. It also comes with a guaranty.

Note: This images is not up on the website yet. Send me an e-mail if you want an image that is not up yet!

Vendors of Vietnam - Silk flower

The second silk flower lady on my last day as a Hanoian

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