Inflight magazine that accept photo submissions

Inflight airline magazines that accept photo submissions

This article is about inflight magazines that accept photo submissions. So, I got published in Lufthansa in 2017 and on the cover of Holland Herald in 2018. Both inflight magazines that reach a lot of people.

The coming years I want to work on getting some other work out. I never did anything to get exposure for any other series that I am working on, other than Merchants in Motion. The Farmers and Growers series isn’t anywhere near finished. But Shops of Vietnam could be interesting?

So, as much as I love to sit around and wait for editors to contact me. I decided to google which magazines accept photo submissions. And then especially which inflight magazines. The Travel Photographer Magazine already published a list on which “regular” magazines accept submissions. So did the write life (more about written stories). I couldn’t find any specific lists on inflight magazines, so I decided: I am going to make my own list!

Before you contact any of these, check if they fly to the destination you went to! It’s also advisable to check out the back issues.

This is a working document. I will keep working on finding more inflight magazines that accept photo submissions, update it, and find new magazines.

Lufthansa magazine

Lufthansa is open for any kind of submissions. On their website they quote: “If you have any questions or suggestions about what we offer or about the content of the publication, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Holland Herald

For as far as I know Holland Herald doesn’t take any submissions. I contacted the editorial team to ask if they take submissions. As soon as I know more, you will know too!

You can enter in a monthly photo competition for a change to win some prices and get published in their magazine! Worth a shot right?

Delta Sky

Delta Sky accepts stories. On their website they have guidelines: “Destinations should be a mix of domestic and international locales, and they should be of interest for a specific reason. A travel piece about Paris that covers the same perennial spots—the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame—is of much less interest than a story about Paris that speaks to what is happening there now, be it a hot new designer, examples of incredible new architecture or a bevy of new Japanese restaurants.”

I sent them a mail asking if they also allow to submit photo stories. And of course I submitted a story too. They replied that they got a lot of submissions. Obviously! But the automatic reply quotes: “Writers/Photographers: We’re able to assign only a small number of the stories that are pitched to us. If your idea fits our editorial needs, we will certainly contact you“. I can only assume that one can also submit photos!

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines mainly accepts stories. Not sure if they also accept photo submissions. But also once again: I mailed to ask if they do! They have a guideline on how to submit. You should write a well-written query that includes a sample lead. The query should represent the directions, tone and style proposed for the story. The query should demonstrate advance research and original thought on the part of the writer.

EnRoute Air Canada

EnRoute is the inflight magazine from Air Canada. They accept both written stories and photo essays. They also have submission guidelines on their website. The guidelines is address to writers, read it through though also if you want to submit a photo series. They clearly state that the writing and visual department are separated. So mail your photo queries to:


OMG this one has amazing covers! Love every single photo on them! Hemispheres is the inflight magazine for United Airlines. Yet again, the submissions are on written stories. The gist: think different, don’t present them [random city] in [x] days. Come up with something with an interesting point of view. Even far far away resorts won’t make it on their own.

Scandinavian Traveller

Scandinavian Traveller is the inflight magazine from Scandinavian Airlines. They have the same concept as Lufthansa. You can send any suggestion to their editorial team via The magazine has quite a wide scope of topics that they publish. So just try!

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