Faroe Islands

Known as the land of the sheep, Faroe Islands overwhelmed me. It overwhelmed me with its beauty, the quietness, all the sheep of course, the smell, the hikes, the mist, everything!

Misty hikes

The people close to me know I love mist. I think mist is one of the most beautiful things in the world! So cool and mysterious! So Faroe Islands was heaven for me. There is so much mist on Faroe Islands, they have 37 different words for it. They have words for very thick mist, sea mist, wet mist and so on.

A couple of times Jaimy and I went somewhere for “the best view of Faroe Islands”. Well, all we got was mist! We laughed about it a lot. Sometimes it was so misty, you couldn’t see more than ten meters! And when we went to the highest mountain of all the islands, we got there when it was misty! We took one trip, it took us a couple of hours to get all the way up the mountain. On Faroe Islands they also say the weather is different every five minutes, so we had some hopes the mist would clear before we would reach the top. Well it didn’t! We had some very nice misty views though. Mountains in the mist, sheep in the mist, houses in the mist.


Tornshavn is an adorable town. It’s the smallest capital city of the world! No parking issues, as you can just walk everywhere! We stayed at an AirBnB for a week and went into town two days. Just walking around, taking it easy. Such a difference with most capital cities, so chill!

One more thing that is pleasant about a stay in Tornshavn. Everything is close! All the sightseeing can be done in the morning or afternoon, most under an hour drive! (If you ever plan to go to Faroe Islands on a budget, don’t stay at one place though! You have to pay everytime you go through a tunnel. It’s cheaper to stay from sight to sight.)

We were lucky enough to be on Faroe Islands during the World Cup finals. It was the best gathering! We went to the town square and sat on the steps with lots of other people to watch the match. We ordered pizza haha! We also went to see a soccer match in the stadion, I cant remember which one though. But it was nice too! Between locals, getting a cup of tea and coffee haha! No beers aloud.

Land of the sheep

Faroe Islands literally means land of the sheep. There are more sheep than people in this country! And the sheep are so cool! Roaming the mountains. My boyfriend claims I have a top ten list of sheep because with almost every sheep I saw I said that that must be the most beautiful sheep in the world. Even prettier than the one we saw before that. I am not sure if that’s true because things in front of you always seems so pretty. But man I love those sheep! Small ones, big ones, white ones, hairy ones, brown ones, multi-coloured ones, curious ones, fast ones, squad-goals ones, curly ones, horned ones!

Things on my list to see:

  • Mykines, to see the puffins
  • Gjogv, awesome city!
  • Leitisvatn (never made it there due to heavy wind the last couple of days)
  • Slættaratindur, highest (misty) mountain
  • Gasadalur, awesome waterfall
  • Kalsoy, beautiful island and hike
  • Kirkjubøur, little town
  • Saksun, cute little town
  • Beinisvørð, supposedly awesome view
  • Drangarnir (Also didn’t make it there)

I would go back to Faroe Island any day! We saw so many beautiful places and went on such nice hikes! I also loved the air and the quietness! We also didn’t get to see everything we wanted, plus we got a lot of mist haha! Would like to get some views too ;)! And maybe a sunset haha!

Last but not least: some fun facts about Faroe Islands.

I didn’t mean to write a full on blog, just wanted to show you some pictures. So sorry for the long read! And here are some of the views Faroe Islands gave us!

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