de Wieden

De Wieden - A three day canoe trip.
De Wieden - A three day canoe trip.

I had the best weekend with my father! We went on a three day canoe trip to De Wieden. A very beautiful area in the province we live in, Overijssel. The area was created by people but nobody knew it would turn into such a beautiful area.

De Wieden

De Wieden is the largest fen in North-West Europe. There are lakes, ponds, canals, reed bed, something called thrill beds, forests and best of all: some free canoe camping spots! There are also lots of animals! We saw some gorgeous ducks, frogs, all different kinds of bugs, fishes, salamanders, swans and a very rare heron! So so beautiful!

Back to me and my dad. We went on a three day canoe trip. We canoed past the swamps and over the lakes, passed the reed beds and through the forest. During the night we camped at two different camping spots especially for canoeists. We even swam one of the mornings. Damn, that was cold! It was very quiet and serene. Because we went a little bit late in the season not a lot of other people were out and about!

We also passed Giethoorn, a famous Dutch village without any roads. Also known as the venice of the Netherlands Or at least, with little roads and a lot of waterways! Imagine living there and having to get to your home by boat! Awesomeness. A very popular destination amongst tourists, and for a good reason.

The trip

For those of you who want to go on a trip to De Wieden to. We started renting a canoe for € 15,- a day at Camping Kleine Belterwijde. We parked our car and left around 10 am. Let me know if you want to go on the trip and I will send you the route my dad mapped out. It involves quite some kilometers of canoeing, sleeping in a tent, not showering for two nights and cooking food on a stove.

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