Merchants in Motion

Merchants in Motion is a photography series illustrating the beauty of street vendors in Vietnam. The series started because I wanted to capture an image of a street vendor without the distraction of the big city. I decided to get higher up for another vantage point. Eventually I spent more than a hundred times on bridges in Hanoi, getting a perfect glimpse into the live of Vietnamese street vendors.

Merchants in motion is available as a book and some images are available as limited edition art.

Limited Edition

Are you searching for unique wall art with a touch of Asia. Look no further! Each image in the limited edition is not printed more than a selected number of times (excluding some kickstart-backers). The print will be signed, numbered and stamped with an authenticity stamp. It also comes with a guaranty.

Note: You can get one of the editions via Salome Art. Not all images are up on the website yet. Send me an e-mail if you want an image that is not up yet!