Vietnamese Shops

Vietnam is a beautiful country. A four-week holiday is too short to see everything Vietnam has to offer. The cities are vibrant, the nature is tremendous and there are plenty of things to do and see. Such as the Vietnamese Shops

Vietnamese Shops

The Vietnamese Shops are such a pleasure to see, due to the products they sell the shops are often a gift to the eye. A lot of stores only sell one sort of item, such as stuffed animals or bamboo.

A selection of the series Vietnamese Shops is available as limited edition print. Limited editions are signed, numbered and engrafed certificate of authencity. I work with a specialized printing agency who deals a lot with special editions prints. The images are printed on Giclee Print, German Etching 308gsm or metal. Because they are limited they are not printed more than one hundred times.

Size and price Giclee Print:

30x20cm: € 95,-
45x30cm: € 116,-
60x40cm: € 183,-
75x50cm: € 238,-

Size and price metal (including hanging system):

60x40cm: € 289,-
75x50cm: € 402,-
90x60cm: € 515,-

Other limited editions available

The series Vendors of Vietnam is also available as limited edition print and so is the book Merchants in Motion, Vendors of Vietnam.