Loes Heerink


My name is Loes. I am an art and travel photographer. I am not your usual travel photographer, which is one of the reasons I added the art part. I shoot collections, essays. I shoot things I believe that are misunderstood or underrated and everything I find beautiful.. Most of my images are part of a series.

Right now I am working on a couple of collections. If you know anybody with a rare type of pet in Twente in the Netherlands please let me know. Same goes for if you now someone working for the fire department, I would love to collaborate. And I am always looking for people or animals with heterochromia. Don’t hesitate to contact me by sending me an e-mail :).

I am currently publishing an awesome book. Go check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/125851434/vendors. You can order the book by sending me an email.

Love Loes